Go Train currently delivers in 17 locations and has training centres in Kent, Essex and South East London. Our large regional footprint means we cooperate with many referral partners including Jobcentre Plus, work programme providers and charities. We are asked a lot of questions about our delivery and what we can do for our mutual customers to move them closer and into employment.


What is Go Train’s Focus?

We are unusual for a training organisation because we have a dual focus (1) scale and quality of course delivery and (2) number of job outcomes. We are measured on the number of courses we deliver and the number of jobs we secure for our customers. We are also funded on this basis. So we are aligned with the JCP’s focus of delivering jobs for their customers. All our training programmes are about moving people closer to or in to work.

How Long Do Your Courses Last?

Our programmes last between one week and two months, but the majority are completed in between one and four weeks. We deliver in a short period for several reasons: we find this reduces drop outs and increases completions and therefore leads to successful job outcomes; we also find quick delivery means people do not forget what they have learnt the week before so it increases retention and progress; fast group delivery builds team spirit and generates peer support.

How Do You Control Quality of Provision?

We have an internal audit team and an internal quality team. We are audited to SFA standards and are in the highest grade for quality consistently. We have low rates of withdrawal (less the 7%) and have high job outcome rates – depending on centre between 25% and 75%. Despite the fact that we are big, we are also highly focused on the individual learner.

How Large is Go Train?

We are Learndirect’s largest network partner in the South and second largest nationally. We delivered 22,000 qualifications over the last 12 months. We deliver in 13 areas in the South East including parts of Kent, Essex and South East London.

Can We Visit and See Delivery First Hand?

Yes – we welcome centre visits and probably have a centre near you. To find your nearest centre click here.