Esther Morgan Good news story

Another successful Restart Scheme participant who went from unemployed to hired in a month! Congratulations Esther. 🙌

Esther started on program on the 23rd of May, and from the first moment she spoke to us, her attitude showed us that she was prepared for the long slog of finding work. Esther’s self­ motivated and infectious “can do attitude” made me feel that she would have no problems in finding work.

Esther did not have a conventional schooling experience as a child, and was home educated. We referred Esther onto our Employer Account Manager, Tina, who felt that Esther’s drive and personal manner made her a good fit for a sales role in a local technology start up and entertainment centre. We booked her onto a group interview to visit the site for later in the week, and we soon found that she’d secured the role.

Esther’s start date for her role is 27th of June. With her start date in the job growing nearer, and not content with sitting and waiting for the job to start, Esther agreed to attend a retail course in the Go Train Office, to gain some valuable insight into the retail sector, and prepare herself with an arsenal of knowledge. Esther passed every retail exam on the first try.

Esther believes that education is very much “learning for life”, and feels that those who may not have the results or qualifications they wanted, that using a program like the Restart Scheme is a massive benefit, to give the best tools to those who are willing to use them.