Movement Controller – REF118

  • Job Title: Movement Controller
  • Job Location: Swindon
  • Salary: £45 per day
  • Hours: Minimum of 27 days per year

Guaranteed interview after successfully completing the following training package within the specified timescale

  • Course Location: Online
  • Course Start Date: 13/07/2020
  • Course Length: 
  • Courses Taken: English & Maths
  • Interview Date: 29/07/2020

Job Description

You are responsible for the planning, preparation and efficient movement of troops, vehicles and supplies from main base locations to anywhere in the world.

You will need

Great interpersonal and organizational skills as you often have to control soldiers and officers who are more senior to you.

You will be naturally independent, authoritative, able to think on your feet and have great diplomatic skills.

You will get a qualification and plenty of experience in the movement of dangerous goods, great for future civilian employment.

Great promotion prospects, you can move up the ranks very quickly, opportunities for travel wherever the army is deployed all over the world there are mover controllers.

Important Information

You get to work alongside the RAF and Navy as well as the Army. You get to take charge, this role requires someone with the ability to give instructions and the confidence to give brief to a wide range of different ranks.

You are given responsibility early in your career. You will learn about clerical procedures, international movement, use of radio’s and specialist computer systems and networks. You will be working both in and outdoors.

Qualifications you will gain

Movement in dangerous goods by all modes of transport

CAA Shippers Qualification

Modern Apprenticeship in Trade and Logistic Operations

Opportunity for bachelor’s degree in Logistic Management

There is an initial process where certain assessments will be carried out, a medical, clinical triage, career development chat, Selection Centre Fitness Test, Team Tasks, Cognitive Test… Only then when you are passed through this training will successful applicants become a Recruit In Training for the Army Reserves.

The successful Candidates will be British or Commonwealth Citizens. There is a ZERO tolerance on drugs, and all applicants MUST be medically fit age 19-43.

The hours may vary, dependent on candidate, situation, and suitability for up and coming events. As a minimum, Army Reserves will be required to carry out a minimum of 27 days per year. All is paid at time of passing through and taking Oath as Army Recruit in training.

Although there are no specific hours upfront agreed, this is nevertheless an amazing employed opportunity that offers various bonuses and training.

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