Canvasser – REF255

  • Job Title: Canvasser
  • Job Location: Birmingham
  • Salary: £NMW + commission
  • Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm

Guaranteed interview after successfully completing the following training package within the specified timescale

  • Course Location: Online
  • Course Start Date: 20/07/2020
  • Course Length: 3 Weeks
  • Courses Taken: Digital Skills
  • Interview Dates: 03/08/2020

Job Description

We are looking for an enthusiastic Canvasser to talk to the public about our new range of products. As a Canvasser, you will be responsible for approaching people in malls, at home, and on the street, and telling them about our product(s) and its uses. We may also require you to sell our products first-hand and attend events, such as county fairs and expos, where our product(s) will be displayed.

To ensure success as a Canvasser, you should have excellent interpersonal skills, a strong background in sales, and the ability to provide information on a range of products. Ultimately, a top-notch Canvasser is someone who can intimately relate to people face-to-face and sell the company products or ideas without coming across as aggressive.

Canvasser Responsibilities:
• Memorizing and reciting sales scripts or statements prepared by the employer.
• Driving to Canvassing locations.
• Approaching and talking to people in malls, on the street, and in their homes about the company or organization.
• Displaying knowledge of the product or organization and attempting to sway opinions.
• Obtaining signatures and personal information for electoral parties and businesses.
• Making cold calls from the office.
• Answering questions about the company product, party leader or organization.
• Attending rallies, shows, fairs, and other industry-related events.
• Maintaining a professional appearance.
• Meeting quotas set out by the company or organization.
• Recruiting and training new Canvassers.

Canvasser Requirements:
• Previous work experience as a Canvasser required
• Sales experience preferable.
• Excellent interpersonal skills.
• Ability to sell ideas or products and sway opinions.
• Ability to work after-hours and on weekends.
• Ability to travel extensively.
• Ability to work outdoors.
• Ability to walk and stand for long periods.

Flexible hours. No evenings or weekends. Choose your own hours. Pay deal negotiable/retainer/basic Own vehicle preferred Job Type: Full-time

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