Self-employed Cleaning Business Opportunity – REF404

  • Job Title: Self-employed Cleaning Business Opportunity
  • Job Location: Essex
  • Salary: Self-employed
  • Hours: Self-employed

** Please note that you will need to complete the training package below before being offered an interview. Training is funded and offered at no charge to the individual.  **

  • Course Location: Online
  • Course Start Date: On-going
  • Course Length: 2 Weeks
  • Courses Taken: Customer Service

Job Description

We are offering business opportunities to people that have the business acumen to start and run their very own cleaning business under a highly regarded name. We cover every service sector that provides cleaning as well as gardening services etc.
Potential applicants will need to be business minded and have the knowledge and skill to be able to run their very own cleaning enterprise. We offer the same as other franchise cleaning companies and more, but do not require the successful applicants to sign any long winded contracts or charge any exorbitant franchise fee or set up fees whatsoever! We do not find customers for individual users, but we do pass over customers that we receive inquiries from which are in their area. We do not restrict our users to allocated areas and every user can expand to different areas when they wish to increase the size of their business.
As explained the business will be owned 100% by the applicant with no restrictions to what they wish to charge (but the default that we recommend is fifteen pounds per hour for Domestic and twenty five per hour for commercial customers and ten pounds per hour for domestic and fifteen pounds per hour for workers). There is no restriction to what service they wish to offer. All we ask is for our Terms of Service to be READ AND AGREED. If for any reason a user brings our name into disrepute then that is the only time we would intervene as we must protect the name for us and  our other members.
It will be entirely up to each individual on how they wish to market/advertise their business, we do offer marketing templates for their use via Vistaprint and every area has their own Cinders Facebook page. Our fees, as explained will be a monthly charge of 10% from NETT profits, with a minimum charge of fifty pounds per month that is paid for maintenance to look after each and every Administration and Man Management platform.

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