Course Start Date: 01/11/21

  • Job Title: Store Assistant
  • Job Location: Melksham, Wiltshire
  • Salary: £9.55 hour
  • Hours: Full time, Permanent

Job Description

  • Connects with customers at every opportunity by saying hello, making eye contact and smiling.
  • Ensures the highest standard of customer service by adapting to each customers’ needs.
  • Has detailed knowledge of the product range and store layout, taking every opportunity to make product recommendations.
  • Deals with customer complaints by listening and empathising before providing a suitable response, referring any unresolved issues to their leader.
  • Enables customers to shop with ease by never leaving unattended obstructions in the aisles.
  • Undertakes cleaning duties as required in all areas of the store.
  • Maximises product availability for customers by taking immediate action to address off sales; when replenishing stock, off sales must be worked first.
  • Merchandises stock efficiently in all areas of the store ensuring the highest standard of care in the handling, storage and presentation of products.
  • Checks product quality at every point of handling, removing any products that are not suitable for sale.
  • Rotates stock in accordance with Company guidelines.
  • Manages till queues to ensure that every customer can immediately load at least one item onto the till belt.
  • Operates the tills efficiently and with 100% accuracy taking care to adjust scanning speed depending on the needs of the customer.
  • Memorises all relevant PLUs achieving 100% accuracy at all times.

Training Before Interview

Please note that you will need to complete the training package below before being offered an interview. Training is funded and offered at no charge to the individual.

Training is either delivered in our COVID safe, training centre, in small groups where we have social distancing and protective measures following Department of Education guidance or it can be delivered online in the safety of your own home in a virtual class group led by one of our tutors- the choice is yours. When you complete the course you will be interviewed for the role.

  • Course Location: Chippenham
  • Course Delivery: Classroom
  • Course Start Date: 01/11/21
  • Course Length: 1 week
  • Courses Taken: Customer Service

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