If you live in the West Midlands then you qualify for our new, fast and free Level 3 IT courses. Build your CV, develop your IT skills, and gain a free Level 3 Qualification in as little as 45 hours.

The course is available either online in a virtual class group led by one of our tutors, or come into one of our COVID safe, high street centres, in the West Midlands:

This course is all about using IT tools and devices for collaborative working and communications, such as web conferencing, instant messaging, video calls, online forums, social networking, RSS and online work management tools. Develop the skills and knowledge to manage and effectively integrate the safe use of multiple IT tools and devices so that groups can work collaboratively and effectively.

The Course Includes:

SAFETY AND SECURITY: Learn about working guidelines and how these are used effectively to build trust and manage risks in the use of collaborative technologies.

COLLABORATIVE SET UP: Summarise ways to integrate different collaborative technology tools and devices for a range of purposes, tasks and communication media. Learn to explain potential access and compatibility issues whilst also learning to resolve them.

PREPERATION FOR USE: Learn to manage the access of permissions for different purposes whilst also managing data flow.

MANAGING TASKS: Determine levels of responsibility for the use of collaborative technologies. Facilitate others’ responsible contributions to and engagement with collaborative technologies and manage the moderation of collaborative technologies.

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