Mathew was the first Restart Scheme participant to ever walk through the door at Go Train in July 2021. When he first arrived he lacked real confidence in his abilities and talked very negatively about himself. He had had some health issues which meant he left his IT position and he had been unemployed for quite some time since then. Mathew is autistic and was reluctant to attend any of our courses at first so we arranged some 1-2-1 confidence building with our tutor Linda who worked on showing Mathew his worth and that he had some amazing skills to offer employers. His confidence grew and he decided to attend the employability course that Linda was running which he really enjoyed. This gave him an opportunity to review his CV and gain some extra experience in interview skills and showed him some new ways of jobs searching and thinking outside of the box for employment opportunities.

Mathew had several meetings with our employer account manager who put him in touch with an agency whom specialise in IT roles. They then sourced him an amazing opportunity which he interviewed for and was offered a position with an amazing salary. Unfortunately this fell
through at the last minute and again Mathew felt that he was not worthy of employment and it
set him back again with his confidence in his abilities. Again we worked on building back his
confidence and he continued with his job searching trying to keep positive about the
opportunities available and that the right job was just around the corner.

Mathew then interviewed for a job working nights providing technical support over the phone to customers in Australia at a local office in Swindon. It was not the perfect job but he is very happy in his role as it pays well, he loves his co-workers. He finds that he still has time to search for that perfect role but with the knowledge that he no longer has to struggle for money giving him peace of mind. Mathew is continuing to attend appointments with myself until it is time to be passed over to the CSC team where they will contact him over the phone to provide support whilst he is still working. We will continue to support Mathew in gaining his perfect role whilst he is still on the scheme and endeavour to help him to find him the role he desires but until then he is very happy with the service we have provided and the opportunities he has found during his time on the Restart scheme.