DWP launched the competition for the new Commercial Agreement for Employability & Health Related Services (CAEHRS) also known as the DWP framework.

The Framework will be the mechanism by which DWP will procure future employment and health support services and will be in place for 5 years. DWP has commissioned this across 7 geographical Lots (North East, North West, Central, Southern, Home Counties and London, Scotland, Wales).

We are delighted to announce that Go Train is an approved Tier 2 provider for the following Lots:

  • Home Counties and London
  • Southern
  • National

Go Train are seeking Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from partners to work with us in preparation for bidding for contracts in the mini competition stage of the framework.

We are looking for partners who can support us in designing and developing innovative and integrated outcome focused solutions that will make a positive difference to people with disabilities, health conditions, or barriers through their participation in one of our programmes.


Partners we are seeking

  • End to End providers: delivery of the full customer journey across one or more geographical areas.
  • Specialist End to End providers: able to deliver provision to a specific customer group across one or more geographic areas.
  • Specialists: delivering specific elements of a service to specific customer groups e.g. customers with particular health conditions / self-employment / other
  • Complementary Provision: delivery of complementary services that we can refer participants to for support or will refer customers into our service.
  • Key Stakeholders: support us to ensure wider integration of service delivery
  • Other: e.g. inclusive employers, digital solutions, advisory agencies, influencers

To hear more about Go Train’s vision for CAEHRS, please view the Video which was shown during the ERSA ‘Meet The Primes’ event on 23rd of October. .

If you are interested in partnering with Go Train, please submit your details below and we will be in touch.