Learner Journeys
A learner’s journey depends on where they start in their route back to work. Above all we try to select the right programme to get someone back to work effectively and quickly. Download our Digital Desk Guide here to find out which training programme suits your client back to work, quickly and effectively.

Learner Groups We Support
We offer training for the following learner groups:

  • 19+
  • 25+
  • Lone Parent
  • Age Barrier
  • ESA (Employment and Support Allowance)
  • IS (Income Support)
  • Work Programme

An overview of the courses Go Train can provide:

Personal Progression - Taking Control
Goal: Understanding yourself, how you fit in with society and what you can contribute: taking control and planning your progress
Course length: 1 Week
Good for: Work Programme Completers, Lone Parents, ESA, IS, ESA to JSA, UC

  • Making the best choices & identifying opportunities
  • Setting personal goals and measuring progress
  • Interacting effectively with others
  • Understanding your own needs
  • Managing health conditions and other issues
  • Understanding society & living in the community
Personal Progression - My Journey
Goal: Motivate yourself to prepare for the future, taking responsibility and building confidence for your journey
Course length: 1 Week
Good for: Work Programme Completers, Lone Parents, ESA, IS, ESA to JSA, UC

  • Motivation and self-esteem
  • Confidence building
  • Know what support is available
  • Understanding how you learn best
  • Making the right choices for your future
  • Learning how to take control of your life
Personal Progression - Next Steps
Goal: Positive, ready for work
Course length: 3 Weeks
Good for: Work Programme Completers, Lone Parents, ESA, IS, ESA to JSA, UC

  • Confidence building
  • Life skills
  • Foundation IT skills
  • Positive attitude and behaviour
  • Motivation and self esteem
  • Developing resilience
Routes to work - Introducing Enterprise
Goal: Learn about enterprise and self-employment: if it is right for you and how to make the most of your talents.
Course length: 1 Week
Good for: All Claimants, Lone Parents, 26+ Weeks

  • Introduction to self-employment – how to be successful
  • How to plan and manage
  • How a business is organised
  • Marketing Products and Services
  • How to handle money securely and accurately in a sales situation
  • Dealing with problems and identifying solutions in business
Routes to work - Pathways To Employers / Workwise
Goal: Work ready, job outcome and into work with chosen employer
Course length: 2-6 Weeks
Good for: All Claimants, JSA, IS, UC, Work Programme Completers

  • Individual learning plan & career assessment
  • Overcoming obstacles to employment
  • Core skills (IT, literacy, numeracy)
  • Vocational Skills (e.g. Retail, Hospitality, Customer Service, Care, Transport and Logistics etc)
  • Personalised CVs, application letters and interview preparation
  • Supported job search
  • Employer interviews begin after 2 to 6 weeks
Routes To Work - Pre-employment Training & Recruitment
Goal: Job outcome either with one specific employer or with employers in the same sector
Course length: 2-6 Weeks
Good for: All Claimants, UC, 0-12 Weeks, 13-26 Weeks, 26+ Weeks, Work Programme Completers

  • Functional skills for the workplace, including IT, literacy and numeracy
  • Employer skills e.g. hospitality, customer service, retail, care, logistics, tourism
  • Supported job search
  • Employer will engage with candidates and brief them on the job role
  • Depending on vacancy – in work or simulated work experience (SBWA)
  • CV preparation, company and role research, interview practice
  • Employer will interview and offer work trial (SBWA) or job offer
Work Ready Skills - Work Fit & Kit
Goal: Skills and tools to find a job in the new digital employment market. Create a digital job ready profile to succeed.
Course length: 6 Weeks
Good for: All Claimants

  • Digital job search
  • Create a job ready digital profile
  • Update your digital CV
  • Present yourself effectively to employers
  • Digital tools – phone and tablet for a new professional you
  • Stay in shape and stay healthy for your new role
  • Gain confidence and set goals for your new life
  • Includes Kindle Fire 7 HD Tablet, Touch Screen Android Mobile Phone and Fitness Tracker with Heart Beat Monitor once you have achieved your 6 week course.
Work Ready Skills - Pitch & Win
Goal: Be job confident to win every job opportunity. Includes Kindle tablet to support your digital skills.
Course length: 3 Weeks
Good for: All Claimants

  • Build confidence – talk and present effectively
  • Focus your energy and determination to impress your employer
  • Prospect for jobs – research and act
  • Sell yourself well to get that job
  • Learn how to close every interview opportunity
  • Build a winning digital job-seeking profile
Build Your Own Programme
Build a personal learning programme which matches individual skills needs. Includes interview practice and introductions to multiple employers.
Course length: Up to 6 Weeks
Good for: All adults aged 19+, 40/50+, Lone Parents – with flexible hours to suit

Courses include:

  • Independent living
  • Character education
  • Ready, steady, work
  • IT Entry to Level 1
  • Progression
  • Retail
  • Customer Service
  • Employability
Digital Desk Guide

Download our Digital Desk Guide to find out which training programme suits your client back to work, quickly and effectively.

Download the Digital Desk Guide Here