Job Outcomes

Go Train’s delivery is focused on moving customers into work or closer to work. We are perhaps unusual for a training organisation because we have a dual focus:

  • Scale and quality of course delivery.
  • Number of job outcomes.

We are measured on the number of courses we deliver and the number of jobs we secure for our customers. We are also funded on this basis, so are aligned with your focus of delivering jobs.

How We Track Job Outcomes

We track job outcomes in two ways:

Job outcomes as a percentage of learners – Every month we track the number of learners who have found work in each centre and calculate this as a percentage of that centre’s total learners. 

Individual success storiesJobs are not just about the numbers, they are also about the personal journey that our customers go through as they find new employment and all the positives that come from that achievement. We gather up these stories and will keep all our referral partners informed in detail about how someone has progressed into work and where they have found work.


How We Support You Helping People Find Work

As well as our job focused training programmes we also help our customers to find work through supported job search and our contacts in the local community with employers.

Our tutors build a bond with their learners and often learners tell them when they have found work – because they are rightly proud of their achievement. We also stay in touch with learners through email, text and social media to support them seeking and finding new jobs.

Our aim is to support you to support our mutual customer finding work.