Working Together


Skills and Support for Learners

  • Building confidence and self-belief, supporting motivation and positivity.
  • Core skills of English, maths and IT (computing and the internet) to get and keep a job.
  • Vocational training for employment – sectors include retail, hospitality, office administration, leisure and more.
  • Supported job search – an up to date CV and a personalised covering letter, specially designed for each job.
  • Job clubs – time spent with a tutor, supporting learners to use a computer to find and apply for work on line.
  • Partnership with local employers – we work with businesses and train people for live vacancies.
  • Ongoing support to apply for new jobs while working to discourage going back into the benefit system.

Go Train’s aim is to support people into a new job, quickly and efficiently.


Individual advice and guidance is at the heart of what we do.


Up to 75% of our learners go on to find new jobs after training.


We have 20 training centres across London, Birmingham and the South of England, all in high street locations.


Go Train delivers 22,000 qualifications a year – skills employers want.


Centres are just for adults and are welcoming, as well as effective.