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Your welfare and well-being is our first priority here at Go Train. Should you have any reason to be concerned about your own welfare, or that of someone near to you, and you would like support, you can contact a safeguarding colleague in confidence using the form below, alternatively you can email safeguarding@go-train.co.uk

To support you further with your concern we have also provided additional information and web links below, for various organisations and charities that offer specific support for any individual in need of their services.


If you are concerned that you or someone near you is being radicalised, you can raise this concern with us as outlined above. However we understand this may not suit your situation and you may wish raise this directly with the police in your local area. To find more information about your local police authority and how to report a concern directly visit www.police.uk/forces/

We are here to help, contact us confidentially by completing the form below:

Mental Health and Well-being

Child Abuse

Domestic Abuse

Alcohol Addiction

Drug Addiction

Financial Abuse

Food Banks

Homeless Support

Modern / Domestic Slavery

Emotional Abuse

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