What happens next?

You’re only 3 steps away from starting your course:

Step 1 – Complete initial assessments. Your enrolment form will be reviewed by one of our advisors within the next working day and we will send you links to English & Maths assessments which need to be completed so that we can ensure we understand your personal learning requirements.

Step 2 – Enrolment call. We will schedule an enrolment call with you to review your enrolment form and assessment results, and provide you with appropriate information, advice & guidance.

Step 3 – Sign & return learner agreement. We will produce your personal learning record for you to electronically sign and return whilst on your call – once completed you’ll be assigned to your tutor and start learning! You’ll also have access to our secure learner resources website.

If you would like to speak to someone urgently please call 0208 142 4360 or email

We look forward to speaking soon!