TL first came to us in August 2012 at the age of 48. It was a tough time for her because she had recently lost her job and along with it her confidence. She felt lost and did not know what to do to help her get back into work. TL began by doing a Maths course and her confidence gradually grew as she was able to bond with tutors and get support from us. On completion of her Maths course, TL had discovered that in a lot of her job searches the common skills that were required were Microsoft office skills. She spoke to a tutor and we were able to advise her to do the ECDL course to help build her IT skills.

TL found that these courses were teaching her things that she had no knowledge of; she was feeling optimistic about these courses as she had been receiving response from employers which had never happened before. Her confidence grew even more and, although there were some setbacks and she was not successful, she was pleased to be getting practice doing interviews. Once her IT courses were all completed she then decided to go back and focus on her Maths and gain the level 2 qualification.

On completion TL was able to announce that she had found an extremely good job in London in administration. She explained that the employers were very pleased and impressed to see that she had recently done training and the Excel course she completed us was the main reason that they employed her. She was over the moon to have found employment.