Women Know How is a positively empowering project delivered by national and local training provider Go Train. Women Know How aims to change 2040 women’s lives by 2023.

Women Know How, funded by European Social Fund (ESF), will identify women who need support and provide free basic English, maths and digital skills training. It also aims to help women realise a better pay potential too with new skills under their belt.

In Birmingham there are some thirteen thousand and Solihull over *three thousand unemployed women. Birmingham ranks to be the 6th highest in the UK for multi-deprivation. Women Know How will be dedicated to work in key areas, offering an exciting support package of information, advice and guidance.

Mitch Bhamra, Head of contract mobilisation, Implementation and delivery of Go Train’s Women Know How says;

“If you are passionate about  making a Positive change in your life , why don’t you make your way to one of your local community venues and speak to our team. We want the women of Birmingham and Solihull to know there is no limit to what you can do or achieve and there is guided assistance available right now.”

With women representing just 11% of the construction workforce, 9% qualified security officers are female and only 2% are plumbers, Go Train’s mission is to work with local employers to positively boost these statistics. Currently links are being made with employers such as Watchward Security, Engie Construction, Balfour Beatty and Birmingham Airport who are looking to recruit. Women Know How will boost women’s confidence, skills and career prospects by connecting them with local employers such as these.

To find out more visit Women Know How – Go Train (go-train.co.uk) or call 0121 393 5001 or email MyFuture@go-train.co.uk *For the very latest statistics visit Nomis – Official Labour Market Statistics (nomisweb.co.uk) or talk to our team and we will provide this.