Transforming lives by improving skills, preparing for jobs and building careers.

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About Go Train

Go Train LogoGo Train is one of the largest training companies in the South East of England with a fantastic reputation for delivering positive results.

With over 20 years success in the learning and development sector our experience is something we use to good effect to provide our clients with the very best learning experience possible.

We are fully accredited to the Matrix Standard - A National Policy Framework for Information Advice & Guidance services (IAG). The Matrix framework defines the standards to which IAG services should be delivered - we believe that IAG is core-business in terms of effectively supporting people to achieve the qualifications necessary for basic employability and for progression to further learning and development as required.

Go Train helps its learners to make informed choices about their individual learning and development journey by offering IAG from the very beginning, throughout the learning journey, and beyond.

Results to us mean that people finish their learning happy, with more skills, greater confidence and support to succeed - all which can lead to improved career and life opportunities.

Our Services

Training - for Work

In its centres Go Train provides individual support and training to adults in an adult environment to build skills for successful employment. Most people in our training centres will be training to find a new job or get a better one. Everyone will have a similar aim and you can feel comfortable in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

We operate in 16 towns and cities at the moment, but this is growing all the time. Our centres are mainly in Kent and Essex and we also deliver in London and Sussex. Our centres are local and easy to reach.

We have been delivering for over 20 years and over this period we have helped thousands of people. For most people our courses are free. Our training is in English, maths, IT, computers and the Internet. We also train in skills for finding work or improving your job prospects – for example, using the Internet to apply for jobs, writing a personal CV, creating successful application letters and doing well at interviews.

In-work - Development and Progression

In addition to its activities in its centres, Go Train also provides in-work (work based and work placed) training support ranging from accredited (short) upskilling courses to comprehensive Apprenticeship training and development programmes.


Our Apprenticeship programmes are available to anyone over 16 years of age who is not in full-time education and who has an employment contract for a minimum of 30 hours per week.

It is important to know that an apprenticeship programme can be undertaken by a New Hire or an Existing Employee. Apprenticeship programmes are ideal for developing and “enabling” existing employees; they provide a comprehensive and structured programme to support individuals who may be moving into a new role with new responsibilities and or skills requirements. They are also ideal for those individuals whose role and responsibilities have evolved over time to the point that it is imperative for them to upskill to ensure they are not left behind.

An apprenticeship programme provides a comprehensive and joined-up solution for recruiting, training and sustaining (retaining) new entrants and existing employees.

Not many people realise that by undertaking and Apprenticeship they can gain up to 5 certificated qualifications in total.

All our Apprenticeship programmes are delivered in the workplace and virtual environments. Go Train works in close partnership with the employer and Apprentice to provide work-based learning and development within the context of the employers’ organisation.

“On-the-job” training in the workplace is combined with “off-the-job” learning and assessment provided by qualified, professional and experienced Go Train staff.

Our comprehensive Apprenticeship programmes are tailored to the requirements of the business and the Apprentices job role. We aim to ensure that all new Apprentices and existing employees have the very best opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills, and understanding they need to confidently and effectively contribute to the success and profitability of their business.

Years of Experience

Since 2002 Go Train has been offering Learndirect courses which lead to recognised qualifications from organisations like City and Guilds. With more than 20 years experience in the learning and development sector we are experts in our field, our experience and our ambition is what sets us apart. The ambition we have for our Company is only rivalled by the ambition we have for our clients and the communities we serve.

Confidence and Skills

We have one sentence which sums up what we do,

“Transforming lives by improving skills, preparing for jobs and building careers."

If this is something you’d like to find out more about then please contact us either by phone or by using the form on this page.

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  • For Apprenticeship programmes and information please visit our Apprenticeship page.

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